In recent years and currently researchers and scientists have been mainly focused on the development of new technologies for obtaining competitive products with qualitatively new utilisation properties. This trend is also applicable in the nano-technology. Solving these problems requires:

  • creation of new materials with qualitatively new (sometimes specially – pre-set) properties;
  • creation of technical tools that allow achieving of these properties on the cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Since conventional shredders, based on the principle of mechanical action have almost reached upscale of their technological limits, the main target lays in the development of processes and devices in many sectors aimed to intensify the physico-chemical reactions in turbulent, cavitation, vortex, film and inkjet in small devices with the release of the crushed product to gain sub-micron level highly homogeneous (uniform), suspensions, emulsions and powders. Not only the implementation of many processes in similar ways can be effective in terms of costs and performance, but also allow to radically improve the efficiency and to create a new technology to gain new products that can not be manufactured through using traditional methods.
Under the leading scientists heading the Laboratory there have been executed and successfully finished the Research and advanced Development Processes as the Release Testings of the industrial unit named «Tornado» for dressing of the «heavy-extractable» elements, precious metals as the rare earths through the «dry-method» of disintegration for receiving of classified micro-powders at the Institute. The invented new technology is a breaking-through innovation which allows to gain dressing or grinding or to extracting of elements from ores, water, sewage, technogenic-waste and to defragment the particles to the size of 5-1 micron as gaining of micro powders of the rare-earths, variously compounded micro powders or grinding of nano-tubes or fullerenes.